Book Report for Development of Christian Thought Class

Book Report for Development of Christian Thought Class Book Report/Review example
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Running head: Book Report for Development of Christian Thought Class Name: Institution: “The Empty Church: The Suicide of Liberal Christianity.” (By Thomas Reeves) Christianity in America is on the decline according to Robert D. Putman and David Campbell, in their work – American Grace.


Despite the fact that Christianity began as one entity, there has been many break ups and versions. People define several issues that are pertinent to them that make them choose to start their own versions of Christian groupings. More and more Americans are becoming non-religious at a momentous pace, with church attendance being affected. Christianity is on the decline, as a whole, with major conservative denominations losing ground. This trend has been brought about by an ostentatious mix of mass consumerism, advances in both science and technology and the presence of secure prosperity. Christianity, being the most popular and largest religion in the United States, accounts for a rough figure of 60 to 70 percent of the total American population. The different Protestant denominations accounts for a half of the Christian population, while Roman Catholicism accounts for 23 percent of remainder making it the largest individual denomination. This shows the development of Christianity in USA (Reeves, 1996). Liberal Christianity is attributed to the era of Enlightenment, which witnessed the en masse secularization of society. ...
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