Religion and Theology
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The life of a knight is retold in Perceval; or, The Story of the Grail. This Arthurian tale has a thematic foundation as the knight searches for the Holy Grail. Perceval‘s journey starts from Wales which is his home.


He leaves his mother who has raised him in ignorance of the chivalry of the world around him; this young Welshman travels to find the court of King Arthur. His desire is to be knighted. In a journey that is filled with a lot of adventure, Perceval meets with an older knight who trains him on how to use his newly acquired weapons. He is called Gornemant of Gohort. He tells Perceval to tame his tongue in future. In his travels he also meets his cousin who informs him of his mother’s death from a broken heart. He also encounters his Hermit Uncle in a forest who demystifies the golden grail. He has seen this grail earlier in the manor of a Fisher King he has met in his travels. There are several themes that are advanced in this myth, and this essay aims at examining aspects of this myth to give answers to some questions. Topic 1 From the story of Perceval and the grail, the characteristics of the medieval society may be deduced. One of the aspects revealed of this society is that it was largely religious. It is also clear that the medieval society highly regarded family values. Virtue was also esteemed in the medieval society, as the myth illustrates. These are traits that are brought out by different characters, and events in the tale. The religious nature of this society comes up in several instances. When Perceval encounters Gornemant, one of the things Gornemant advices him to do is to go to church. ...
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