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book review <screwtape letter>

The letters focus on the various ways that a newly converted Christian branded "Patient" can be tempted. The objective of these letters is to teach Wormood how to secure "Patients" eternal condemnation. C.S. Lewis, the author, tries to explain the spiritual struggles faced by a Christians in their efforts to overcome the forces of sin.
The author refers to God as the ‘enemy’ and refers to Satan, as ‘father’ in some parts of the book. This adds a nice twist to the book from a literacy point of view and it brings out undisputable creativity but as a Christian, this is uncomfortable and to some extent unacceptable. Nonetheless, the book inspires the readers to think deeply about God’s character, something that is often overlooked. The book also brings to life the reality of heaven and hell. The book urges Christians to be on the lookout as the devil is always hunting for "recruits" to help him accomplish his mission of pulling people from God.
Lastly, the book reminds us that God is very loving and merciful thus he will always guard those who remain faithful to him. However as much as God is keen to draw humankind to him, the book reminds us that unless we choose to follow him, we will not be among those who will go to heaven. This piece call upon everyone to chose between the path to heaven and the one that leads to hell, but also gives the reader an idea of the consequences for each decision.
This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about leading a Christian life. It helps one view temptation from a different perspective hence making it easier to avoid falling into the trap. Unlike so many other Christian books that are informative but plain, The Screwtape Letters is an interesting and highly enlightening ...
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It is piece that portrays human life in a sly and satirical point of view. The author’s comic, serious and highly creative personality is evident in the book with accounts…
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