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Hinduism versus Buddhism Religion determines the way people live and think eventually shaping the culture. People tend to follow certain beliefs, values, attitudes, and practices in order to achieve fulfilling lives. This paper will examine Hinduism and Buddhism religions and determine if the two are different religions or branches of the same religion.


Molloy (2009) argues, Hinduism and Buddhism have their origin in India where religion is a way of life. Religion plays a crucial role in the people of India and defines every aspect of Indians life including training and politics. Hinduism has more followers than Buddhism with about 80% of Indians practising Hinduism. Hinduism is a combination of traditional Indian beliefs and beliefs of the Aryans. Religion does not have a specific philosophy that forms the basis of this faith. It is guided by “books of knowledge” written in their Sanskrit language. Hinduism is polytheistic religion and some of Hinduism Gods include Siva, Grahma, and Vishnu. This religion does not advocate for worship of a single deity. Persons belonging to this religion can believe in a “Supreme Spirit” or an immortal soul inside persons of this religion. The worship in this religion involves complicated rituals, religious hymns, and epics to some gods, spirits, or animals. Hinduism encourages distinct social classes, which include the priests, the rulers and warriors, the skilled workers and the non-skilled workers. This shapes the way of life of Indians since religion only allows people to interact and marry those of their social class. ...
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