Boff's Jesus Christ, Liberator and Cone's The Cross and the Lynching Tree

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Religion and Theology
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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Religion and Theology Date: Topic: Boff’s Jesus Christ, Liberator and Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree Jesus Christ, the Liberator: A Critical Christology for our Times—Leonardo Boff. 1. Leonardo Boff is a participant of the theology movement of Latin America.


Leonardo Boff argues, “Each generation must answer, within the context of its own understanding of the world, of the human person, and of God.”(1) Liberation does not question the fundamentals of Christianity. Implicit obedience in that area is not negotiable. Faith alone clears the path to reach God. Unless one believes in the existence of God, how can one reach him or seek rewards from him? The difference is only in the application of method to reach out Jesus taking into consideration the secular ground realities. Biblical paradigms are also applied with an analysis of social conditions prevalent in countries wedded to communist philosophy. So, social reality gets equal importance along with faith. These are the two foundation stones on which Boff builds the edifice of Christianity. Theology thus, undergoes the acid test, to become more practical to win the appreciation and acceptance of the common man. It serves as the bridge between traditional faith and religious practices in the changed world of materialistic civilization. Theology turns out to be the savior of Christianity from hard core atheistic practitioners without falling into dogmatic and fanatic religious practices. To explain his concept of theology, Boff does not detach God from past history. ...
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