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Hinduism Religion - Essay Example

Although a man can keep two wives at one time, yet he has to have a strong rationale for having the second wife. A vast majority of Hindus live in joint family systems. Parents have life-long association with the children and like to keep the children with them even after the children turn into adults and get married. This makes it challenging for the bride to adjust in the extended family system. The bride is expected to adjust in the family and adapt their norms and values rather than the other way round. The adult children are expected to financially support the parents and the family. When Hindus meet one another, the younger touch the feet of the adults as a sign of taking their blessings. Hindus greet one another by joining both of their hands in an upward-clap-like fashion. Different Hindus worship different gods and goddesses and seek help from them. One god common to all Hindus is called Bhagwan. Ethnocentrism is an individual’s tendency to see the world mainly from the ethnic cultural perspective. Hindus believe that they get up to seven lives before their spirit departs eternally from the body. They also believe that the kind of deeds one does in a certain life has an impact upon the conditions one would have to face in the successive life. Hence, an individual who does bad deeds is likely to be raised as an animal in the successive life, whereas a person who does good deeds will be rewarded accordingly in the successive life. Therefore, Hindus see this world as a place full

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Religion - Hinduism
It can be said that the origin of reincarnation in Hinduism is as old as the religion itself. Most Hindus consider reincarnation as a fact. The evidences supporting reincarnation generally comes from two sources. First being the concept of Jatismaras where the people remember their past birth and the second source is evident in the form of the testimony of the scriptures or saints (Bhaskaranada, “The Vedanta Society of Western Washington”).
3 pages (750 words) Essay
Though the term ‘indigenous’ applies to its origins of ancient nature, Hinduism has endured to preserve itself while becoming flexible to acknowledge changes and various external insights despite risks of possible dissolution or loss of identity under inevitable events and associated consequences of political conflicts, economic crisis, and modernization.
1 pages (250 words) Essay
It is significant to note that Hinduism put forward the philosophy that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient and the same God exists in everything. As Subhamoy Das comments, “It is a phenomenon and represents a broad spectrum of beliefs and practices which on one hand are akin to paganism, pantheism and the like, and on the other very profound, abstract, metaphysical ideas (Das, 2011).
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Hinduism, the Religion as portrayed in Bollywood Cinema
In the book, “Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema”, Rachel Dwyer has dealt with a specific aspect of Indian films. The author has attempted to describe how Indian cinema has portrayed the Hindu religion on the big screen. India produces the largest number of feature films every year among all the countries of the world.
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Hinduism. Hinduism is believed to have begun as a result of vibrant encounter of the darker skinned Indians and the lighter skinned Aryans. The Hindus sang hymns and performed many rituals until the rites ingrained in them. The inspired individuals came up with a guide for Hindu rituals through the development of Vedas.
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Hinduism Essay
The beliefs of Brahmanism were based of the sacred texts of the Vedas, hence the name "Vedic Hinduism." Hinduism considers the Vedas a primary text of their religion but they do not limit themselves to the Vedas. In this way, Hinduism has taken their roots from Brahmanism and evolved into the third largest religion in the world.
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Buddhism and Hinduism
Being the universal tool of explaining things we don't understand, religion remains the most famous and favorite retreat for people in hour of need, uncertainty and doubt, people turn to it when they need explanation of things and issues beyond the physical world and usually do find their answers there.
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Reflecting on Pi's experiences and beliefs, your own knowledge of religion, and your own experiences, write a 4 to 6 page essay that addresses the seemingly apparent contradiction of Pi's acceptance of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Conside
In the beginning of the novel itself, Pi has reflected that, along with academic study, “steady, mindful practice of religion slowly brought...[him]...back to
5 pages (1250 words) Essay
Hinduism Paper
There is not a single founder of this religion and it is made up of diverse traditions. It is the oldest living religion of the world having immense number of followers throughout the globe (Fuller, 2004). The essay strives to exemplify Hinduism
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
This paper briefly analyses various rituals and customs of Hindu religion. Hindus believe in rebirth. In other words, they believe that humans take rebirth after
3 pages (750 words) Essay
of challenges, where they have to behave ethically and do noble deeds so that they deserve the happiness in the times to come. Hindus view cultural relativism as the eradication of Western biases. Since there is a lot of difference between cultures, it is irrational to compare them. No culture is superior or inferior to any other culture. Hindus generally consider the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which was introduced and implemented in 1948 as an entirely Western concept, that was inapplicable to such third world countries as India. They think that the world needs to be in perfect harmony in order to implement the declaration in true letter and spirit (“Cultural relativism”). Hinduism has some inherent features that conflict with the principles of the human rights. For example, one of the most fundamental principles of human rights is equality. Hindus are classified into various categories according to the caste system. This caste system places the Brahmins at the top with respect to the socioeconomic status and respect, whereas the Shudras are placed at the bottom with respect of both. There is a whole range of Hindu texts called as Vedas that govern the caste system in India. Vedas depicts one’s status in the society according to one’s varna or caste. The varnas are considered to be different aspects of the god. Each varna is in turn thought to comprise various communities or jatis. There are two main jatis for the Brahmins that represent the North India and the South India, while there are smaller communities elsewhere as well. In order to solidify and maintain the power of the caste, a Hindu is expected to marry within his/her own caste. Thus, marriage between a Brahmin and a Shudra is disliked and though of as an attempt to impure the superior caste of the Brahmin. As a result of this discrimination between people on the basis of caste, The Hindus are facing many social problems including court-marriages without parental consent, social criticism, and suicides. The anthropological concepts in Hinduism are much the same like in Buddhism. The Buddha was also born as a Hindu. Hindus believe that once a person dies, his/her soul is reincarnated into a new


Hindus have a fairly conservative culture. This can be partly attributed to the fact that they have lived for a long time with the Muslims. Thus, many Hindu women cover their full bodies including their heads like Muslim women…
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Hinduism Religion Essay
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