The Dawn of a New Era: Islam in the Modern World-18th Century to the Present - Essay Example

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The Dawn of a New Era: Islam in the Modern World-18th Century to the Present

The idea of "Islamic Intellectualism" for the growth of original and adequate thoughts and teaching will be discussed. In Addition, the comprehensive guidelines on the teaching and interpretation of the holy Quran will be cited in this paper. The intellectual history of Islam and its significant contribution in the growth and prosperity of humanity proved that Islam is the only true and righteous religion. Muslims are also become modernized with the time and rapid social changes for the adaptation of needs. Almighty God made this world so therefore he must had made principles to the lead life according to his will because He is the only creator of this world (Rahman). God conveyed his message many time since the birth of earth taken place, but for the last time he send down a complete code of principles to lead the life successfully. Quran is a complete guideline for Muslims to sustain a life as per the teachings of Islam revealed upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). Almighty God is the real writer of this holy Book, each word from the Quran is directly stated by God to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) to bring mankind forth from darkness to light. ...Show more


[Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] The Dawn of a New Era: Islam in the Modern World-18th Century to the Present. Islam can be referred to a religion of peace and humanity and is destined to become a world religion. Almighty God has created this universe to spread the teachings of Islam from one end of the globe to other…
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