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A Matter of Faith: Is Mormonism Christian? Your Name Instructor’s Name Course Name: Due Date: We live in a truly diversified world when it comes to the subject of religion. There are a multitude of religions from all over the world that people place their faith in, many diametrically differ from many others.


Then there is Mormonism, probably the youngest Christian inspired faiths and often criticized for its practices. There has been a standing argument, for some time, whether Mormonism is, in fact, a member of the Christian faith or is it its own religion that borrowed Christian doctrines? Many Christians believe that Mormons are not Christian at all, while Mormons defend their faith as absolutely a part of Christianity. That said, the argument is a good one from both sides of the issue. However, answering the question of whether Mormonism is Christian is, like any religious issue, a matter of interpretation. To better understand where the divisions that have caused the great debate between the faiths is to, first, review the basis of Mormon beliefs and origins. A young Joseph Smith was seeking help through prayer in deciding what church he should place his faith. Instead, he was visited by God himself and his son, in the flesh. ...
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