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Behold this and always love it? It is lelawakan [very sacred], and you must treat it as such. No impure man should ever be allowed to see it, for within this bundle there is a sacred pipe. With this you will, during the winters to come, send your voices to Wakan-Tanka, your Father and Grandfather (Brown 5) The sanctity by which the sacred pipe is held and honoured carries with it the necessity that it must not only be kept in immaculate state but to also regard it in a manner that prevents any person who is unworthy to take possession.


In analogy, each one of us has at least one possession that is important to us not because it is valuable by reason of its price but mostly for the sentimental value that it holds. It may range from something as simple as a letter, a pen or even jewellery which is a family heirloom. These things may seem ordinary and mundane to others but it is what it represents that makes all the difference. The same consideration, at a different level of intensity, makes for the meaning that the sacred pipe holds. Another aspect to a sacred pipe is how it serves as a communication device that communes man not only to his nature but also to his ancestors. This is not an entirely alien concept as there are other religions that believe in the influence of people who have already passed as guardians present in daily life. The pipe is a means to communicate with ancestors who can be a source hope for these people. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows how it feels to want to be able to talk to them again and maybe to ask them for guidance during the most trying times. Winter represents a difficult time and it symbolizes hardships and despair. ...
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