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The Davidic Kingdom - Essay Example


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The Davidic Kingdom

At that time, David, who was exiled by Saul due to a perceived threat to the former’s royal authority, fought with the Amalekites after being disqualified by the Philistine commanders from going together with them into the battle against Saul’s Israelites (1 Samuel 29:11 The New International Version). Nevertheless, as he heard of Saul and his son Jonathan’s demise, David took to a real mourning for these two great warriors and statesmen, for Saul was the first God’s anointed in the history of Israel, and Jonathan was his ‘brother’ (2 Samuel 1:26 The New International Version). The death of Saul opened the way to David to return from his exile, so that he and his loyal adherents descended from the mountains they used to hide in, and settled the towns of Hebron and surrounding areas. The tribe of Judah became David’s power basis, as its members supported him as a new king – as opposed to the majority of Israeli tribes (such as Gilead, Ashuri, Jezreel, and Benjamin) that came in favor of Ish-Bosheth, son of Saul. The latter was forty year old at the time of his ascension, and reigned for two years over all of Israel (2 Samuel 2:8 The New International Version). ...
Ish-Bosheth himself was killed in some time by his treacherous retinue, and thus David became a king over all the Israelite tribes (2 Samuel 4 The New International Version). The rule of David as a king may be considered both different and similar to that of his predecessor. Like Saul, David organized a number of military campaigns

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against the enemies of the Israelites. It was he who conquered the city of Jerusalem, at that time populated by the Jebusites, and made it the capital of his kingdom (2 Samuel 5:6-10 The New International Version). Later on, with the help of God, David successfully repelled the Philistine invasion, being more able military commander than the late king Saul (Arnold & Beyer, 2008). The victories of David brought him a respect of even distant lands’ rulers, such as Hiram king of Tyre, who provided him with his personal stonemasons to build a royal palace in Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:11 The New International Version). Finally, David managed to overcome the resistance of many kings of surrounding lands, such as the ones of Arameans in Damascus, the Moabites, the Ammonites, etc. Some of these peoples, e.g. the Moabites and the Amalekites, were forced to pay tribute to the king of Israel (2 Samuel 8:1-14 The New International Version). These victories gave rise to observation that “the Lord gave David victory wherever he went” (2 Samuel 8:14 The New International Version). Nonetheless, David differed sharply from Saul in that he put the interests of God above the earthly pleasures of his royal authority, at least, in the beginning of his reign. The story of the Ark of God being brought to Jerusalem may be an example


The Davidic Kingdom The story of King David is one of the most inspiring, yet tragic one, of all the Old Testament. Reading it, the believers see by themselves how the great glory and devotion may be superseded by haughtiness and fall, if the necessary checks on one’s self-confidence and power are not properly instituted…
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The Davidic Kingdom essay example
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