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Defining Words for Worship Name Institution Course Date Table of Contents Praise 2 Serve 3 Bow Down 4 Clap 6 Shout 7 Sing 8 Honor 9 Praise 11 Serve 12 Bibliography 14 Defining Words for Worship Praise “Praise’ refers to individual or public acknowledgement of the wonderful acts of God.


Psalms 105 says that human beings should make known God’s deeds to the whole world. Praise refers to “giving thanks” in Psalm 1051. 2 Chronicles 30:22 is an example of how the word “praise has been used in the new testament. The Levites ate the peace offering sacrifices while offering praise to the lord at the sanctuary. Psalm 54:6 also shows how the word “praise” has been used, it says “willingly I will sacrifice to you; I will give thanks to your name, O LORD, for it is good”2. Psalms 96: 4 says that our father and our lord deserve ad seek our praise. “Yahweh is great and is worthy to be praised”. The lord also deserves worship from human beings. Psalm 29:2 says that human beings should bow down to God. In the current churches, praise and worship services are dedicated to the lord. The word “praise’ has been uttered by Leah, after giving birth to a child (Genesis 29). Leah was the first wife of Jacob and sister of Rachel. The word praise is used to give thanks to God after mighty deeds have been encountered by human beings. Prayer should be used to praise the Lord, however, human beings only pray when they are in troubles. Prayer should be used to praise and worship the lord for the wonderful deeds he has done to human beings3. Serve Jesus used the word “serve’ to refer to the main purpose of His coming. ...
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