Ivan Illyich
Religion and Theology
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The Death of Ivan Ilyich Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: The Paper: First published in 1886, The Death of Ivan Ilyich serves as a remarkable novel by distinguished nineteenth century Russian novelist and intellectual Leo Tolstoy, in which the author has elucidated the experience of witnessing the death by the protagonist’s friend Peter Ivanovish at the eve of the despondent condition of his close friend and protagonist of the novel under-examination, Ivan Ilyich, struggling between life and death at his death bed.


Ivan’s unexpected death was certainly a terrible shock for Peter at the moment he first learnt about the same; as the painful moments his childhood friend spent at the verge of death portrayed a dark, drab and dismal picture of the ultimate ceasing of mortal life. Although he was well aware of the bitter reality that everyone had to give up the ghost sooner or later, yet no one actually appears to be ready to submit to the fact that his name is also included in the list of those leaving the world. An intense sway of unpleasant idea looked piercing into his mind, leaving him at the state of horror and anxiety. However, soon he realized that it was actually Ivan, and not he himself to become the prey of death. Consequently, man’s urge to live a long and an immortal life for the future decades to come could be explored in his sub-conscious that forbids him to admit the certainty about the end of life. ...
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