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Name: Institution: Course: Date: The Yengishiki (Shintoism) Summary The article is based on beliefs and culture of the Shinto people as manifested through rituals by Yengishiki. Yengishiki uses different types of rituals as a way of expressing the beliefs and cultures of the Shinto people.


The prayers are used in the text to reflect the intertwinement of the spiritual nature and feelings of the Shinto people. In fact, the text begins by a prayer, “I declare in the presence of the sovereign gods of the Harvest…” (“The Yengishiki” par. 1). The article reveals that in Shinto culture, there is no absolute right or wrong and nobody is perfect. The article also shows that Shinto is not a pessimistic faith as they view human beings to be fundamentally good and that evils are caused by evil spirits. From the article, it can also be seen that the main purpose of the majority of rituals used in the text is to keep evil spirits at bay through prayers, purification, and offerings to Kami, their ancestor. The Harvest Rituals The harvest rituals are basically a form of religious rituals of the ancient culture of the Shinto people. The harvest rituals were performed by the Shintos as a way of thanking the gods for enabling them to have a bounty harvest. The culture of the Shinto required that a harvest ritual be celebrated on the fourth day of the second month every year at the office, where people would gather and worship the gods of Shintos. This was also expected to be practices down at the local administrative provinces by chiefs. ...
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