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As it is implied by both God and Holy Prophet (PBUH) that only righteous deeds can elevate one person over the rest, all Muslims immensely respect those who strive to do good and achieve noble objectives. Islam assigns different kinds of roles to men and women not on grounds of superiority or inferiority but because they have slightly different physical and emotional traits. Men mostly are physically and emotionally stronger than women so they are encouraged to work harder and support their whole family. The burden of work can be hugely stressful so it is reserved for the emotionally and physically stronger group. But that does not mean that Islam strictly prohibits women from becoming educationally accomplished or going out of their homes to earn money. Islam does not see any harm in women striving to make sure both ends are met when situation gets rough. Quran implies that gender equality should be put into practice (Muslim Women’s League, 2012). Life in Arabian Island before Islam reached it: Life in Arabian Island before Islam dawned on it is characterized by scholars as wild, wayward, lawless, undirected, restless, ominous, and demonic. Islam brought with itself the phenomenally relieving messages of peace, discipline, respect, lawfulness, ethics, humanity, and obedience. By emphasizing the presence of a higher being who should be respected and worshipped, Islam erased any possibility of jealousy or discrimination among Muslims. If Quran and Sunnah had implied that anyone among the followers who is virtuous and noble could be worshipped, conflict and discrimination would have resulted and there would have been multiple gods. But Islam put an end to such misery and asked all to observe one being and none else. Life in Arabian Island before Islam reached it was so exceedingly wayward that men and women were made to dance naked in the vicinity of the Ka’bah as part of the rituals and men used to bury their daughters alive out of gross hatred and gender discrimination (Subhani, n.d.). Before the advent of Islam, the Arab people used to treat women as mere sex objects who could be used for pleasure only and were granted no rights or protection. In stark contrast to the ancient teachings of other religions which stress that women are inherently sinful and wicked beings with no sense whatsoever and men are born virtuous and noble, Islam implies in accordance with the revolutionary teachings of Quran and Sunnah that men and women should be considered equal everywhere as they are created from the same soul and both are born innocent (Doi, n.d.). Changes brought by Islam in the Muslim culture: Islam brought multiple revolutionary and commendable changes in the Muslim culture. In fact Islam created the Muslim culture as before this religion dawned, there was no Muslim culture but a disgustful wilderness. General morals and manners of the Arabs before the advent of Islam were very low and fraught with weaknesses so Islam strived to elevate them up to a higher level so that Muslims could be distinguished on grounds of high morals and not on grounds of ignorance and waywardness. Due to lack of proper guidance and prevalence of immorality and ignorance, Arabs before the advent of Islam led a life similar to that of uncontrollable beasts and often breached law. Islam brought the change by creating a strong justice system one ...Show more


Islam [Institutional affiliation] Concept of equality in Quran and Sunnah: There is undeniably a phenomenal concept of equality existing in both Quran and Sunnah and one which cannot be found in any other book in the world…
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Islam essay example
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