Symbols of Great Religions and Eliade's Concepts

Symbols of Great Religions and Eliade
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Mircea Eliade was a Romanian scholar who is best remembered for his contribution in the History of religion while serving as a professor. During his academic career he published many studies on religions which have been highly influential till now.


Most of Eliade's works emphasized on Shamanism’s archaic religions, West and Asian religions. He is also remembered for the role he played when he founded the ‘History of Religions’ which is a world renowned academic journal and he is also appreciated as being part of the editing team of the ‘Encyclopedia of Religion’. Eliade is not just remembered for his work of writing but also his conceptualization of religion’s nature which proved to be of great significance in the history of religion. Some of his concepts include; sacred, Coincidentia oppositorum, profane and hierophany . Taking an example of these concepts, hierophany was a representation of a sacred manifestation of the various forms of different cultures. This Eliade's concept enabled other religion historians to study both the local and historical manifestation of this puzzling phenomenon. Eliade did not stop at that he came up with several claims about the functional principles of religious rituals, myths, and architecture providing a sacred environment experienced partly as origin of the world and spatially as the historical time before the world begun. It was Elaide’s belief that the most significant modernity characteristics were found in the Western encounter with archaic, the Eastern and other alternative traditions that are religious. He believed that the outcome of the above encounter was the formation of a new form of humanism. ...
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