Comparison of the UAE culture with spanish culture

Comparison of the UAE culture with spanish culture Essay example
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Culture: A Comparison between Spain and the United Arab Emirates Although it may seem strange to compare and contrast two seemingly dissimilar cultures such as that of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Spain, the truth of the matter is that only by comparing and contrasting them can one truly begin to understand the key similarities and differences that exist that they would otherwise be unaware of.


By drawing upon the varying levels of contrast and comparison that exist, the reader will be able to know and understand more about both cultures while at the same time also understanding the degree in which cultural similarity exists even amongst ethnically or geographically removed people groups. The first of the cultural similarities that is shared by the two nations that have been discussed is with reference to their food. One of the first dishes and a staple of the cultural understanding of food in both Spain and the UAE is a supreme reliance upon rice and mutton. Although both cultures have a plethora of different and contrasting dishes which can be prepared from these, the fact of the matter is that the ultimate base ingredients are the same. In this way, although the spice and flavoring and/or preparation are vastly different, the identifying of cultural elements of the nation’s cuisine are in fact quite similar. The same is at least partially true with respect to the architectural influences that are exhibited throughout parts of Spain as well as throughout the UAE. ...
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