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Religion and Theology
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Throught the existence of people there has always been the aspect of religion. Religious freedom is a principle that upholds the right of an individual in any place and to belong to any religious group.


People can independently practice any faith and doctrines that their consciousness allows and without the fear of being opposed by anyone. It is hard to separate religion and liberty in the present days. This is because it has been used by those that are struggling for freedom (Gunn, 15). Religion has played a crucial role in advocacy for human rights and in democracy promotion. How one responds to other religions that exist apart from our own determines how committed one is to observing this freedom of religion. It is evident that this commitment is in some people’s self interest since they have no religious beliefs that they hold on to. Religious freedom needs people to tolerate other religious groups even those that are considered to have followers that are causing trouble. Whether Christians, Buddhists or Muslims they all have the right to practice their religion as well as build their places of worship be it churches, temples or mosques all in accordance with the beliefs which people have. (Gunn, 23). The Chinese religion is the one which is of focus in this case. There are various issues which come into focus in relation to this particular religion. The one which seems to stand out, however, is in relation to the statues and many deities which are associated with the various religions that are prevalent in China. ...
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