Religion and the Elderly Case Study example
Case Study
Religion and Theology
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Mrs. Pamela Miller is the elderly octogenarian whom I have selected for my research regarding the religious and spiritual inclination of this elderly lady in the path of her life; it was my serious effort to read the mind of Mrs. Miller.


She showed her affirmation but told me to come after some days, as she won’t be able to give enough time. I made three intermittent visits to her residence to seek her reflections on various aspects of her life pertaining particularly to her outlook on religion and spirituality. When I asked Mrs. Miller to recall from childhood till now her experiences with life, she took a two minutes pause before starting but once she began, she continued without break. She was brought up by her grand-parents most of the time. She lost her father when she was three years old but she remembered the face of her mother, full of affection. Her mother’s untimely death permanently deprived her from motherly affection when Mrs. Miller was hardly eight years. ...
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