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Author Name Instructor’s Name Assignment Subject Date of Submission The Holocaust Introduction In this essay, the historic event of Holocaust will be explored from different angles. First, an analysis on the basis of the memoirs of holocaust survivors will be carried out.


For example, Primo Levi’s memoirs were published from USA. Primo Levi’s memoirsi describe the situation of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust. Levi was a Holocaust survivor from the Auschwitz concentration camp in occupied Poland. His accounts are used for evidential analysis of Holocaust itself. On the other hand, works of the scholars like Muellerii provide us with a comprehensive view of the similarities between Christianity and Judaism from a much liberal but realistic viewpoint. Holocaust: One of the Darkest Chapters of Human History The Nazi German policy makers might have thought that in the case their Fuhrer Adolph Hitler would conquer the world nobody would know the actual reality of Nazi atrocities. Nazi atrocities were not completely based on anti-Semitic policies. Deep rooted self esteem existed in the minds of the Nazi officials. They considered most of their neighbors (particularly in the countries of eastern Europe) to be subhuman. The Jews were their prime target. But they meted out similar atrocities also towards the Slavic peoples of the erstwhile Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. They tortured the Poles, Gypsies, and many other nationals including their own countrymen who tried to oppose them or who were homosexuals. Detailed accounts of Nazi torture techniques have been provided by Primo Levi. Levi was an Italian Jew who survived Holocaust. ...
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