Religion and Theology
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Name Professor Course Date Religion A 1 Taoists focus on non- action, naturalness and inwardness. On human nature, Taoists advocates for humility, detachment from earthly things; emptying of the human mind from all thoughts and letting the heart remain peaceful; remaining humble in all situations, remaining non- contrivance; warning on those who teach, dictate or preach on what other people should do or how to live, selflessness; being mindful of others and not loving oneself, embracing mystery in order to avoid danger, moderation in that freedom is achievable through recognition of limitations (Haynes, 12).


This entails display of excellent characters thus, promoting human virtues. Confucians have an optimistic view of humankind. They believe in the possibility of the ordinary man to become awe- inspiring and thus, man is teachable, perfectible, and improvable. This is achievable through personal as well as communal endeavors and is possible by self-creation and self-cultivation. Moreover, it focuses on cultivation of virtues such as ren, yi and li (Juergensmeyer, 70). Ren advocates for humaneness and altruism for people in the society, yi advocates for moral disposition to shun evil and righteousness while li advocates for the propriety and norms on human behavior in a society. On proper governance, it advices a person who wants to rule to first rule or govern himself before governing others (Haynes, 14). Therefore, for one to become a good leader, he should understand the principles and values for governing as this would provide him with the knowledge necessary for ruling others. ...
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