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Jews, Christians, and Muslims I. Ideas About Justice & Charity 1.1 In Judaism The term Tzedakah, a Jewish word which means charity, considers giving as part of their way of life wherein traditional Jews give 10% of their income. Donations will be for the poor or those considered in need of help.


Thus, wealth and/or influence may not be utilized under Jewish Law, to provide an advantage prior to judgements. Jews refer to Leviticus 19:15 for the right way to judge any case. (Spiro, K. 2012) Even the king is not above the law. A king should be a good example for the fulfilment of the law. 1.2 For Christians From the point of view of Catholics (Knight, Kevin 2009), charity is a supernatural virtue given by God for the soul seen whenever a person gives to the poor or needy believing in the Words of Jesus who said in Matthew 25:40 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” For those who have never heard of these biblical words or who do not know Jesus and his teachings, the act is recognized as natural charity. For other Christians, charity can simply mean love or compassion for the poor, and the calling to show the way taught by Jesus Christ, through acts of kindness and generosity (All About God 2012) Justice, to many Christians, is the obligation of the church to inform the people about the proper criteria for judgements based on “the divine standards to which man and society must conform if civilization is to endure” (Mouw, R.J. 2010, p.3). For the individual, however, justice is taking the right stand based on the understanding about church teachings and the laws. ...
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