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The New Testament and the Old Testament Name Institution Date Section 1. The first theme in the Old Testament is the evil problem (Sproul, 2006). The Old Testament has attempted to explain and give an answer to the question of the manner in which God can be good and extremely powerful yet accept evil within the world.


This is a proof that humans, are in charge of human evil rather than God. Other books like the Kings and Judges display the repeated attempts of God to sway humans (Israelites) from the influence of their own evil. A number of stories in the Old Testament insist on the capacity of humans to have to reject the help of God, meaning that the evil responsibility is set in humanity. This is evidence in the book of Judges that clearly points out that the Israelites once more took part in whatever was evil in God’s sight. One challenge to the goodness of God, which is troublesome, is the natural evil existence. This is the great destruction and the pain that humans do experience. In many cases, God has instructed the Israelites to have all cities destroyed, killing women, men, and children in the process. In the book of Job, The implication of God on natural evil is directly questioned. Job is punished heavily by God in order to give a proof to Satan that Job is faithful religiously. Lastly, it is made clear to Job that the powerful ways of God are over the understanding of humans and should never be questioned. This means that God, may use natural evil as an instrument that is rhetoric in showing out His power of bring forth a point in a world that is already corrupted by humans. ...
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