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[Your full name] [Instructor’s name] [Course name and code] February 12, 2013 Question # 3 One type of violence is domestic or spousal violence. We can define this kind of abuse as one in which one spouse makes the other spouse undergo physical or mental exploitation, in order to prove his power and supremacy.


Domestic violence is a social crime because it leads to severe mental problems and psychological breakdowns due to which the victimized spouse is often considered as an abnormal person. Statistics make us think why mostly women are killers in homicides. The reason is the fact that when husbands physically or mentally abuse their wives, the latter develop such mental problems and anxiety disorders that lead them to kill their husbands and get rid of the abuse once and for all. It is not only a social crime but also a religious crime. Bible stops humans to be abusive toward their life partners. Chopp (239) states in her book, “…we recognize that the church is not immune to such problems as alcohol and sexual abuse.” God wants humans to spread peace and live with love, and nurture family system with care and honesty. Hence, domestic abuse is both a social and a religious crime. Question # 4 Christians have developed ways for thinking about those who are different, and this has lead to strikingly different kinds of treatment of different people. For Christians, it is the message of God to spread love and humanity, and to treat all people on equal basis. No person from another socio-economic or cultural background is inferior. ...
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