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Religion and Theology
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The New Age Name: Institution: The New Age Question One Scientology is a practical religion that was created by Ron Hubbard in 1953, embodied in beliefs and related practices applied to everyday life. It is used by its faithful to alter and make better life conditions.


Unlike many other religions that teach man is inherently a sinner unless cleansed, Scientology upholds that man is good. It teaches that man is his own soul that is immortal, and it is not a virtue that he possess, but rather, he is that virtue. Among the many appeals of Scientology is that the faithful believe what they please. It is also an applicable technology that answers questions on life, enabling people to have an insight of who they are (Lewis, 2007). Question Two The key contrasting aspect between religion and science is that religion presents statements that are absolute, while science develops from relative theories and truths of the forces and processes of nature. Religious statements can neither be proved right nor wrong, while scientific theories can bear their own evidence of falsehood or truth. Religion, unlike science, claims to have absolute knowledge on all arguments presented to it. While religious arguments are faith based, an authoritative, scientific theory will demand evidence. It seeks to employ rational and realistic methods to gather information that helps to answer human curiosities and all its claims are open to criticisms that can prove otherwise. On the other hand, religion does not welcome criticism because of its faith foundation. ...
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