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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Lotus Sutra The Lotus Sutra refers to one of the most admired and significant Mahayana sutras, and the grounds on which the Nichiren and Tiantai schools of Buddhism were founded (Kubo & Yuyama 3). Saddharma Pu??arika Sutra was the first acknowledged Sanskrit name for the sutra.


This paper will uncover what is taking place in the writing provided, The Lotus Sutra, and the story being told. It will also discuss the lesson learnt from the writing. This sutra, according to the volume provided, is known for its wide instruction on the perception and treatment of skillful means – (Japanese: hoben, Sanskrit: upaya), the perfection of a Bodhisattva or the seventh paramita – frequently in the form of parables or allegories. Also, the book tells us that lotus was one of the earliest sutras to use the term "Great Vehicle" or Mahayana Buddhism. One more concept established by the Lotus Sutra is the thought that the Buddha is an everlasting entity, who attained paradise eons ago, but freely chose to stay, in the cycle of renaissance, (samsara) to assist teach humans the Dharma over and over again (Kubo & Yuyama 159). Lotus Sutra portrays himself as the "father" or head of all beings and demonstrates the same loving care of that of a father to his children. In addition, the sutra points out that even after the Parinirvana (apparent physical death) of a Buddha, which Buddha goes on to be real and able to communicate with the entire world. ...
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