Investigate the megachurch called Toronto Blessing and the phenomenon of "holy laughter."

Investigate the megachurch called Toronto Blessing and the phenomenon of "holy laughter." Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date:      Toronto Blessing and the Phenomenon of Holy Laughter Introduction There are a few individuals in the evangelical Christian worship institutions that are not aware of the idea referred to as the holy laughter. The holy laughter notion has been widely utilized and evident in charismatic religious institutions in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States for over a year, and it has spread to other religious institutions and at a quick pace.


This paper will investigate the Toronto Blessing church while looking at its origin, its connection to traditional charismatic churches, beliefs, worship service, explanation of the unusual phenomenon on blessing, other people’s views, and, finally, my views on the movement. The Toronto Blessing movement started close to Pearson Airport in Toronto at the Airport Vineyard Christian fellowship. Leaders Carol and John Arnott established the Toronto Airport Vineyard church approximately in 1988. The religious organization met in a number of rented areas all over Toronto until the beginning periods of 1990 when the church located a more long term residence close to the Pearson Airport in Toronto. A Vineyard pastor, Randy Clark, from Missouri, was requested by John Arnott to be in charge of the local church revival, on the 20th day of January, in 1994 (Roberts 5). Since that day, conventions have been hosted every week for six days, attracting people numbering 800 to 1000. This led to the formation of the Toronto Blessing movement. The Toronto Blessing movement may be connected to traditional charismatic churches. ...
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