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Name: Title: Course: Tutor: Date: Christians’ Belief of Compassion in Socioeconomic Issues Background of Issue This paper focuses on socioeconomic issues as the current issues related to religious beliefs and identifies how the belief Christians hold of Jesus would be employed to confront them.


The US and indeed the whole world currently experiences high unemployment rates due to increased population and unavailability of job opportunities. This causes humans to inadequately meet their basic needs and consequently leads to poverty. Poverty refers to a condition in which basic human needs including food, clothing and shelter fail to be met. A majority of countries would have poverty being exhibited through low life expectancy, poor nutrition and high infant mortality among other factors. Poverty results from unavailability of resources and humans being unable to achieve economic development. Socially, discriminating other people based on their culture, race, gender or inabilities has also been a major socioeconomic issue. Racism and sexism would be observed in a majority of the countries particularly due to the increased globalization. This causes the minority groups to be disadvantaged and miss on the opportunities presented to the majority. Globalization has further caused a shift in social morality with major morality conflicts resulting due to abortion, prostitution and drug abuse among others. But the belief that Christians have on Jesus plays a critical role in confronting these socioeconomic problems. Christians’ Belief on Jesus Christians believe Jesus as being full of compassion towards all humankind due to His caring nature. ...
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