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Religion and Theology
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Name: Professor: Course Code: Date of Submission: Laozi and Mencius: This paper examines Mencius’s and Laozi’s philosophical views on Daoism. Daoism is a philosophical thought that advocates for harmony among the lives of people. Daoism refers to the principles, paths and ways of life.


This is based on the fact that it is the responsibility of leaders to protect and care for their subjects, failure to do so, they desist from becoming leaders. Laozi on the other hand believes on a cautious approach, insisting on taking a spiritual approach in problems of governance within a state (Raz, 91). Looking at these different approaches in their philosophical views, this paper analyzes their differences, similarities, and concludes by taking a position on which is the best form of Daoism. Laozi believes that it is impossible to see, hear, feel or name the Dao. He believes that Dao existed before the earth and heaven ever became, and it is the foundation of all laws operating under the sky, on earth, and amongst human beings. According to Laozi, Dao is impartial, and everyone is equal under it. It is the source of everything, and it can be found anywhere under the earth, on earth, at the sky, even in the heaven (Raz, 31). On this basis therefore, Dao is beyond word, description or any form. This argument advocated by Lao, is similar to the argument advocated by Mencius. Mencius equates Dao, with destiny. According to Mencius, destiny is unseen, and natural, and no one can rebel against it, and succeed. To him, destiny shapes the life of mankind, and it is different from fate (Palmer, 31). ...
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