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In this book, Crossan also claimed that Jesus Christ was a critic of the tradition that he inherited, and that, he would, most likely, critic how Christianity has interpreted him for the last two millennia. But what impacts would Crossan’s interpretation of the Bible have on the traditional view of Jesus Christ? Would Crossan’s interpretation of the Bible weaken the Christians faith in Jesus Christ, or would it make the Christian’s faith in Jesus Christ stronger? Would Christianity stand if Crossan’s interpretation of the Bible is correct? These are the questions that this paper answers. While Crossan’s interpretation of the Gospels undoubtedly challenges and refutes some Christian dogmas that form the basis of Christian believes in Jesus Christ, the interpretation would not, however, substantially change the Christians’ traditional image of Jesus Christ, or weaken their faith in Jesus. We would still be Christians even if Crossan were right. There are a number of reasons why Crossan’s interpretations of the Gospels would not substantially affect the Christian’s faith in Jesus Christ or alter Christianity in any substantial way. ...
not a historical account of what happened, but rather, a skewed account of what the writers of the Gospels wanted us to hear and to believe (Crossan, Prologue xiii-x1v). Crossan goes on to argue that Christian’s faith is merely a belief in the historical Jesus as the manifestation of God ( Crossan, 244). But while the Christians would be surprised to know that

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Submit your completed exam into your Assignment Folder by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Last Day of Class, 2013. Use whatever format that works for you: plain text, TFE, attachment, etc. (Any hand written answers will be penalized !!) Please do not upload your answers.
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what they have all along believed is not based on historical facts, this would not substantially affect their traditional image of Jesus Christ or their faith in Jesus because, faith is not merely based on historical facts. Faith rather is a deep spiritual experience that is not based on historical data. Sheliermacher concurs with this view when he asserts that faith is a’’ feeling’’ (Alvarez, n.d). What Alvarez essentially means in this quotation is that faith is more than dogmas, and it is a deep personal experience. Faith in Jesus Christ, therefore, is a spiritual experience, and although historical facts acts as some basis of our faith, once one has a spiritual experience of Jesus Christ, a change in historical data or dogmas would not substantially affect one’s faith. Even with the interpretations of Crossan, therefore, the Christians would have the traditional image of Jesus Christ as the son of God. This fact is corroborated more by Clifford in his view of Religion as an evolving phenomenon‘’ Religion as Cultural System’’ (Clifford, 88). Since from earliest stages of man, in the Stone Age, man has exhibited some religious tendencies, and human Religion as a human phenomenon has undergone many changes within the course of history. This anthropological fact shows that even with the disapproval of many historical accounts of Jesus Christ in the Gospels, the Christian faith would undergo


Henry Nabea Professor # Religion and Theology 19th April. 2013 Analysis and Interpretation In his book, Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, Dominic Crossan critically and radically challenged the traditional view of Jesus of Nazareth. Crossan subjected the four Gospels into critical evaluation and he employed the method of historical criticism in his attempt to find out whether the main Gospel claims are based on factual matters or not…
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