Religion Changing Societies Essay example
Religion and Theology
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One can learn a lot from a society through its religion. In other words, it determines the norms by which a society is founded. Religion has both united and divided individuals globally.


In due time, this has caused societal pluralism with religion being viewed as an objective to individuals within a society (Santa, 5). This paper covers the effect of religion in the society, how religion raises questions on identity and questions the concept of identity, and lastly how it creates a dilemma between faith and way of life. Religion Changing Societies Even though religion has sparked a lot of debate, it has influenced the society both positively and negatively. It has attracted massive changes within the societies. A better example of how religion has been linked with the modern societies is politics. Furthermore, the voting patterns are largely determined along religious lines. Religion plays a major role when it comes to governing a nation. Some religions worldwide are entrenched in archaic modes of thoughts and have failed to launch new life in the societies. Some are co-opted by patriotisms; thus, are used to further various furies. This has worked to divide people, based on an individual religious belief (Herz, and Peter, 25). ...
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