Comparison between Christianity and Hinduism based on the seven dimensions of religion

Comparison between Christianity and Hinduism based on the seven dimensions of religion Essay example
Religion and Theology
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On Rituals and diversity, baptism is a prerequisite for consideration as a Christian. Indeed, a born again Christian is a person who has been baptized by an official of the church.
In Hinduism a person, is made a Hindu when he desires to be one.


On experiential and emotional dimension, Hinduism believes in Brahma the mother Goddess and the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu is the protector and Shiva the Destroyer and several hundreds of gods thought to emanate from the mother Goddess Brahman. In this tradition, God and trinity are one in their purest form and mother Goddess is worshipped. In the Christian traditions, God and the trinity are quite different. Some Christians worship Virgin Mary as the Holy mother. On narrative Christian traditions describe Earths creation, starting with the universe and final creation of man. Additionally, the early life of Gods creations is described, this forms the Old Testament in the bible, and later on the life of Jesus is narrated. In Hinduism, formation of the universe has been narrated, basing on the fact that it formed through a gradual process caused by Prakrit. On Social and institutional approach there are no rules on how God reveals himself, or how he chooses messengers in Hinduism. God incarnates himself, physically reveals himself or as such, chooses heavenly beings or a pure soul to accomplish his work. It is believed that, his final incarnation will happen at the end of this cosmic period. However, in Christian traditions it is believed that Jesus is no equal to man. it is believed that no more messiahs will come, until only the second coming of Christ. ...
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