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The Ontological and Economic Trinity - Essay Example

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The Ontological and Economic Trinity

The three persons are said to be equal in nature and in their attributes. By saying that the three persons are equal in attributes, it means that they are omniscience, they are omnipresent and they are holy. It is acceptable among all Christians across the world that the three persons do not change, they are holy and that they are divine. This state of the three persons having equal attributes and being equal in nature is referred to as the Ontological Trinity2.The word Ontology refers to the study of essence. As a result, the Ontological Trinity can also be referred to as the Essential Trinity or the Immanent Trinity. On the other hand, these three persons are said to differ in the manner with which they work and also the way they associate with the world and with each other. Each of them has varying roles in how they relate to the world. Their roles within the Godhead are also different. Each of them has their own activities and they perform them independently. This difference in how these persons relate to each other and to the world is referred to as the Economic Trinity. The name economic has been derived from the Greek word oikonomikos which means management of activities3. Therefore, the three persons manage their activities differently. The Ontological Trinity and the Economic Trinity are usually confusing among many Christians This makes it difficult for Christians to understand the exact nature of God Himself. It is not easy for a typical Christian to distinguish between the Ontological Trinity and the Economic Trinity. In addition, it is not easy for Christians to figure out the relationship between the two. This makes the understanding of God and how He works to become a mystery to many. Understanding these two issues can be of much importance to Christians in that they will understand how God works Project Summary The purpose of this project is to conduct a research that will help Christians understand the three persons in Trinity. They will be able to distinguish between the Economic Trinity and the Ontological Trinity. Having understood this, Christians will be in a better position to understand the Existence of God and also understand how God works in through the three persons in trinity (i.e.) the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In this project, I hope to bring out a clear distinction between Ontological Trinity and the Economic Trinity. I also hope to outline and evaluate how the three persons relate to each other and how they work together. Once I am able to achieve this, the project will have achieved its mission which is to enable Christians understand God in a better way. To accomplish this purpose, I will do extensive research from academic literature and compile a report at the end of the research that gives relevant answer to the research question. History of the Doctrine of the Trinity The root of the doctrine of the Trinity can be traced from as early as the first century. The doctrine has taken centuries to develop leading to the modern definition that is the subject of this paper. The word "Trinity" is not seen in the New Testament and neither is the doctrine explicitly taught in the scriptures4. However, we can trace the foundations of the concept of the Trinity from the New Testament, particularly from the Gospel of John, which arguably is one of the latest and one of the most theologically developed books of the New Testament. Mentions of the Trinitarian beliefs also can be seen in the extra-biblical teachings of theological writers ...Show more


The Ontological and Economic Trinity Customer’s s Name Date The Ontological and Economic Trinity Research Question: What are the differences and the relationship between the Ontological and Economic Trinity, and how do they work together?…
Author : okondarien
The Ontological and Economic Trinity
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