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Religion and Theology
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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Religion and Theology Every human being is a man of reason and this right can be best exercised if he or she respects the divergence and variegation of opinions. This was the philosophical foundation of Paine’s theory on the correlation of religion and reason.


He was motivated to write by the social malaise where the national order of priesthood was abolished and the humanity lost any sight of morality (Paine n.pag.). Paine was a staunch believer of God, of human equality, of religious duties, but he was not a believer of the theological doctrines of the Jewish, Roman, Greek, Turkish, Mythologists, and the Protestant church (Paine n.pag.). He is, in its existentialist fashion, a believer of his mind as his own church. For him, the structures established by these prominent religious denominations were aimed at monopolizing power and were actually promoting enslavement for profit (Paine n.pag.). For him, these religious orders contravene the fundamental precept that for man to be happy, he should be mentally faithful to himself (Paine n.pag.). For Paine lies, a perjury of human mind, are destructive for human morality (Paine n.pag.). For him, there is an adulterous connection between the church and the state (Paine n.pag.). He supposed that revelations were only true to the person whom they were revealed, and the rest was hearsay (Paine n.pag.). Likewise he interposed that the concept of trinity was a reduction of pluralism, and the beliefs of statuses is not different from deification, canonization, or of idolatry (Paine n.pag.). ...
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