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The Magisterium & Ecumenical Councils and General Documents

An Outline of Nichols’s Treatment of the Relationship between Theologians and the Magisterium According to the Dogmatic Constitution of the Church, lumen Gentium, the magisterium, i.e the pope and the bishops of the Catholic Church constitute the teaching authority of the Church. Having direct apostolic succession from the disciples of Jesus Christ, the magisterium of the Church has legitimate authority from Jesus Christ himself to preach and to spread the Gospel everywhere, to the ends of the world. As such, the catholic faithful are expected to faithfully respect and obey the teachings and the directives of the magisterium. But, although the Magisterium derives its authority from Jesus Christ himself, due to natural human limitations, sometimes the directions and the teachings of the magisterium are in need of refinements and improvements. This fact has led to the debate and the controversy between the relationship of the theologians, who often propose refinements of the teachings of the magisterium, and the magisterium, which constitute the legitimate teaching authority of the Church. The following is the outline of the relationship between theologians and the Magisterium according to Nichols. ...Show more


The Magisterium & Ecumenical Councils and General Documents By, Henry Nabea Abstract This paper has three parts. The first part outlines Nichols’ treatment of the relationship between theologians and Magisterium. The outline is based on an excerpt of Nichols’ book (pp…
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