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Religion and Theology
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Jews and Judaism Name: Institution Jews and Judaism Judaism describes a Zionist movement that lead to adoption of practices that influence Jewish beliefs. It is also evident that the members believed that Canaan is their ancestral home, though the movement began in Israel.


During the interview, he cites practices that differentiate Judaism from other religions as described by Jewish ideologies. After presenting the differences, he dwelled on the history of Jews as a community. There are few similarities between Jewish practices with Christianity from the explanations. The argument here is that beliefs of the Jews are slightly different because they emanate from the teachings of the Torah (Old Testament) and not the New Testament as the case with Christianity (Grabbe 2008). Additionally, the interviewee’s revelations highlighted the significance of religious practices amidst the Jews. I chose to interview the old man because I believed he had practiced Judaism for years. This is a clear indication that he was a committed Jew. Prior to the interview, he stated that he had been practicing the religious principles since he was a teenager. The expression on his face suggested that he was passionate about spreading the gospel of Judaism even to Non-Jews. Furthermore, he exuded confidence in his beliefs making it difficult to convince him to embrace an alternative religion. During the interview, the old man narrated with vigor the history of the Jewish nation, though it was difficult to separate the facts and concerns presented. ...
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