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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Revelation Concept Paper 1) My name is Munthir Ali and I am a 21 year old Muslim. I was born and raised as a Muslim and I was taught that Islam is not just a religion that one would follow, but it is a way of life.


Islam has taught me how to respond to my heart's emotions such as anger, love, lust and happiness. It has taught me how to react to an enemy or how to come to a resolution towards an argument with a friend. It has taught me to care for the needy, to contribute to my community and to fight for equality and justice. Islam has taught me to be a better person, I do not just follow my religion but I believe and love it. Although I have been brought up as a Muslim, and cannot deny the fact that it was not my choice initially but my parents’ choice. However, as I learned about other religions I, by myself, have come to the conclusion that Islam is the most complete and whole religion there is. Living in America I have been exposed to different religions and beliefs, and although many of these beliefs may be different to that of mine, Islam has taught me to be acceptable and peaceful towards them. The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) used to live with Jewish neighbors for many years, and never did he have any confrontations with these people of different beliefs. Using this example, I live my life happily and comfortably with friends with other religious and moral beliefs than myself. I believe that it doesn’t matter what your religious or moral belief is, as long as you strive for peace, justice and equality you are a good person. 2) Learning about the laws of Torah and the Bible has been instrumental in me accepting new religions. ...
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