World Religions: Focus on Christianity.

World Religions: Focus on Christianity. Essay example
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McCay identifies that without Paul, Christianity would not be the global religion it is today (2012). This is because Paul liberalized the principles of Christianity and made it accessible to Gentiles.


This is because there is evidence that all the 12 disciples Jesus chose were Israelite by birth and by nationality. Most of them were confined to the Nazareth area and they did things in line with Judaism. “Although Paul stands in continuity with Jesus' teachings, several important factors in the mission of Paul required him both to develop and to modify the message of Jesus” (Kostenberger et al, 2012: 39). In other words, Paul's mission in the Faith required that he modified his ways and approaches of dealing with the message of Christianity. This is because Jesus' ministry was mainly confined to the Judea region which was then a small part of the Roman Empire. On the other hand, Paul, who was a Roman citizen had a mission to reach out to people in different parts of the Roman Empire and this include people from all backgrounds like Greeks amongst others. Barclay (1993) identifies these three main factors as the central themes for Paul's teachings:
1. The passion for Jesus and his message of resurrection caused Paul to craft his message around an exalted and elevated Christ.
2. The death and exaltation led to a natural need for Paul to spread the message of the Spirit which gave way to a different view of mysticism and eschatology. ...
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