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Hinduism is believed to have begun as a result of vibrant encounter of the darker skinned Indians and the lighter skinned Aryans. The Hindus sang hymns and performed many rituals until the rites ingrained in them.


Vedas are meant to guide all the Hindus. The religion has really expanded its wings worldwide since its initiation. It is believed that consecration to the religion even interfered with the British stranglehold. This essay explains some of the facts and issues concerning Hinduism ritual. Hinduism is believed to have started in the Indus valley and a larger percentage of followers are found in India. Most of the facts and important issues about Hinduism are preserved in the Vedas. The Aryans took with them the Persian and the Western concepts to the Hindu culture. Hindu’s divinity were said to be normal supremacies of heaven and earth and they revered their gods via conducting animal sacrifices (Matthews 72-74). The Aryans’ gods were shining objects which portrayed nice things for human beings. Hindus believe that Asuras are evil powers that signify hurtful things to humans. Intermingling of Aryans and the natives (Dravidians) led to sharing of rites and customs with the natives. However, most of the Hindus rituals are majorly formed by the Aryans’ culture and practices. The Aryan practices dominated the Davidians for reasons not known. Some scholars blame the Aryans dominant culture on stratification while others think that the Aryans were just superior to the natives (Rinehart 123-127). ...
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