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According to Michael Porter, the business of a firm can best be determined as a value chain in which total revenues minus total costs of all activities undertaken to develop and market a product or service yields value.
Every firm is a synthesis of activities that are performed to design, produce, market, deliver and support its product.


NASA's primary activities or business activities start from inbound logistics then it moves to the operation side or production side (designing and development of shuttles, satellites, space stations, rockets, etc.) then it moves to delivery side or outbound logistics (shipping the completed products to the respective authorities usually another department of the administration) then finally enters into the feedback and product enhancement phase.
NASA has already spent billions of dollars in its research and development program. NASA's annual R&D budget is more than many countries overall budget. The process of technology development is vital for any company to grow further and gain reputation in the market.
Every company's success depends upon its people - how dedicated and qualified they are. Hiring of people in an organization like NASA is not an easy task. The organizational span of NASA is very big and they have to hire people from a peon level to a scientist level.
NASA's infrastructure depends upon various tasks; it handles general management issues; accounting and finance department; affairs of government & legal issues; and other issues created or caused by other support and primary activities.
Outsourcing has become very common through the globe; especially western counties like the U.S. ...
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