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Advances in Molecular Biology and Their Impact on Society

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Ever since Watson and Crick made a model of the structure of the DNA, major advances in the field of genetics and microbiology in general have developed. These advancements helped scientists and researchers in improving the lives of the general public, from increasing food production to finding new ways to treat deadly diseases.

Human Involvement in Hazardous Evolution

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Seldom do man realise that attempt to eradicate certain species, would trigger more dreadful evolution that put forth highly resistant and stronger variations of that beings. According to Palumbi, one such example was the discovery of DDT a mile stone in revolution against pest that won Paul Muller the 1948 Nobel Prize, but astoundingly, resistant variants of insects that could survive DDT were found even before the Nobel Ceremony took place.

Global Degradation of Coral Reefs

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Monitoring of these reefs is therefore an imperative aspect in identifying threats and measures to address them. Remote sensing is the acquirement of information using imaging sensor expertise. Landscape ecologists have been doing well in the field of remote sensing by trying to come up with means of protecting habitat but less has been done in the management of coral reefs ecosystem.

The Effect of Osmosis on Potato Tissue When Placed In Different Concentrations of Sugar Solutions

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(Encyclopaedia Britannica :2005 Deluxe Edition .CD-ROM). Place 4 potato slices -each a quarter of an inch in thickness - in 4 water bowls in which 1,2,3 and 4 spoons of sugar have been dissolved respectively. After leaving the bowls undisturbed for a day we notice that the potato slices in the bowls are shrunken and that the potato slice in the beaker containing water with 4 teaspoons of sugar dissolved in it has shrunk the most.

Research Design

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Geographic research is particularly important in studying the physical phenomenon on the world. They are aimed at producing warranted knowledge through a rigorous academic inquiry. A research will usually involve an organized inquiry in order to justify the claims or in order to prove the hypothesis.

Interferences in the Assay of Serum Albumin Using the Bromcresol Green Indicator

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In clinical medical laboratories the testing for serum albumin, globulins and total protein are standard procedures, performed daily. Theses assays may also be requested STAT or on an emergency basis for patients suffering a crisis situation. The techniques for determining albumin and total protein are numerous and varied.

Pascal's Wager

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Hacking (1975) adds that the wager was the "the first well-understood "the first well-understood contribution to decision theory." This treatise is brought about by Pascal dissatisfaction with the prevailing arguments for the justification of the existence of God.

Qualitative Research Essay

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Modern studies in different areas of science are practically impossible without a comprehensive qualitative analysis in many aspects the methods employed are either used wrongly or have little practical effectiveness. As a result, many researchers reject empirical quantitative methods and make hypothesis based on their own vision of the problem that contradicts major principles of science, i.e.: verification of retrieved data.

Literature Review on Innovation

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The basic meaning of the word "Innovation" is rooted in the Latin word novare, which means 'to make new', from novus or 'new'. Innovation can therefore basically mean 'something newly introduced, such as a new method or device' (Collins, 1991, 798). Innovation was first mentioned sometime in the 15th century, the age of exploration characteristic of the Renaissance marked by the discovery of many new things in geography, science, politics, religion, and in the arts.

Research Methodology

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2. The operational parameters should be clearly defined and explained. The clarity in the operational parameters will help in avoiding ambiguities in taking the study to the field and gathering information. When the parameters are defined clearly, it also helps to save time and other resources when field staff are employed to gather information.


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The second approach (immunostimulation) postulates that the immune system itself promotes noeplasic growths because the neoplasic cells themselves develop a very powerful immune system that tends to recognise the invaded organism's own cells as hostile (Ichim, 2005).

Use of animals for scientific research

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Many may defend this practice citing the utilitarian perspective that would justify this practice because of the obvious benefits that it provides to humans who can then develop drugs and methods of treatment that are viable for testing upon humans.

Animal testing – why and why not

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In the movie Legally Blonde 2, one of the subplots is how the lead character’s dog, Bruiser, looks for his mom and discover she is a test animal at a large cosmetic company. Will Smith’s movie I Am Legend featured rats that were being used for animal testing.

Science and Scientific Change

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Today, it is important that we engage ourselves in such debates, because a lot of people claim that truth is discovered not through theology, philosophy, or art, but rather, through science.


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Wittgenstein’s is an explanation that compounds and merely ‘adds on’ the notion or idea of an explanation, and in Black’s analogy, this amounts to a tautology at best, and at worst, a circular argument – e.g. stamps stick to envelopes, because other stamps stick to envelopes. The following will examine the 'picture theory' of language and how it relates tautologically or as a 'self contradiction'.

The world's oceans, Should Ocean Protected Areas Exist

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Marine protected areas are very much essential for restoring fisheries, promoting marine biodiversity and increasing marine productivity. However, equity and fairness should be ensured while determining marine protected areas so that everyone can benefit from it.

Impending Extinction of Steelhead

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Currently, we are experiencing a decline of animal and plant population with some of them going extinct. Although extinction is a natural process in the course of evolution, as evidenced by the fate of dinosaurs, the rate at which it is occurring today is far from the rates in the history of the earth.

Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

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Many antibiotics are undergo modifications that changes their inherent characteristics such as reduced toxicity, increases solubility, thus giving them the desirable features that they lack being natural. There are several methods developed to test the susceptibility of microorganism towards antibiotics including the Cup Borer method, Ditch method and the Disc Diffusion method.

Facing the enigma of Californias Water Crisis

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A list of questions is posed to CalFed, an agency responsible for looking out for the Sacramento Delta waters. Based on findings on California Rivers and the Bay-Delta we put together ways to protect the Sacramento Delta limited resources, and improve water management.

The Relationship Between Soil Properties and Soil Erodibility

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415). The composition of sand, silt and clay in a soil is natural phenomenon and the composition cannot be modified on any large scale by man . Among sandy, loamy and clayey soil loam soil is a ideal textural class .It contains the constituents like sand silt and clay in uniform proportions.

Data Analysis Essay

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Age is a continuous variable when it is used with a decimal point. However, when it is used as an integer value it is then considered to be a discrete value. It has a parametric interval level because its values can be ordered and the distance between different values has meaning (Black 2006, p.9).

Climate Change Master Essay

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Loss of biodiversity, scarcity in supply of fresh water, ozone depletion and drastic changes in climate has a direct effect on human health. Adding to this, global warming has already affected many lives and poses to endanger many more in the future, if failed to act.

History of Measurment

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From the cubit, other measures were developed. The smallest unit of ancient measurement was the digit, the width of a finger. Next to the digit was the palm, equal to 4 digits, and the scale continued up to the cubit, equal to 28 digits. For units smaller than a digit, the Egyptians were the first to invent fractions.

Three Laws in One Life

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Best known as the astronomer who explained planetary motion, Johannes Kepler was born at 2:30pm on December 27, 1571, in Weil der Stadt, Wrttemburg, in the Holy Roman Empire of German nationality. His parents were poor - his father worked as a mercenary and his mother, an inn-keeper's daughter, was known for her involvement in witchcraft.

Clinical Chemistry

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The creatinine blood test is done to detect health problems such as kidney damage. it is usually ordered along with a BUN (blood urea nitrogen) test to assess kidney function. Both are frequently ordered as part of either basic or comprehensive metabolic panel (BMP or CMP) groups of tests that are performed to evaluate the function of the body's major organs.

Biological Module

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(c) Chloroplasts: The chloroplasts are special pigments that are designed for trapping the sun's energy and converting substrates absorbed from the soil into food for the plant. This feature is absent in the animal cell. In the mitochondria , the prokaryotic cells received organic and inorganic substances from the host and the host increased ATP output increased cellular efficiency.

Headspace Analysis

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The procedure involves the extraction of a volume of the equilibrium gas over the sample (usually about 10 ml) by a syringe through a vial containing a bed of an appropriate absorbent. The vial is placed in line with a gas chromatography column, the vial heated and the vaporized sample swept on the column and the components separated.

Biometric identification

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In the United Kingdom, the House of Commons passed a bill that biometric identification cards are to be made compulsory for every citizen by the year 2010. Biometric identification cards contain embedded chips that store personal information about the citizen like name, signatures, photos, facial scans and iris and retinal scans.

Single slit diffraction & double slit interference

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Interference occur when waves are added together, their sum is determined by the phase and the amplitude of the individual waves. The summed amplitude of the waves can have any value between zero and the sum of the individual amplitudes.

Global Warming Book Report/Review

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Climate change is increasingly framed as an issue where the threats are severe, increasingly imminent and potentially catastrophic. If the worst predictions of scientists prove to be accurate, then no one will be able to escape the consequences of climate change.

Pulfrich Effect

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Then, the materials were set up in a brightly lit room and were the person who will do the experiment is comfortable with. Then, the pendulum was set up and tucked in the ceiling using some pins and made sure that it can really carry the weight on the other end.

Protein Translocation

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The composition of the translocation pore, and the organisation of the central component of the pore show how nascent polypeptides are directed towards the pore and then exit through it. This will shed light on understanding target pathways and how these target pathways contribute to the overall translocation of proteins across the ER membrane.

Black Holes and Baby Universes by Steven Hawking

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The main idea of the fourth chapter of the book which is called Public Attitude towards Science is that people should have correct attitude of science. Science is developing rapidly, and people should know basic scientific elements which are very important and concern everybody of us, such as acid rains, the greenhouse effect, nuclear weapons, and genetic engineering1.

Practical Decision Making

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While compiling data she resorted to the HTAB system and set about her formulating her hypothesis based on the Learning Objectives. Understanding the logic of hypothesis testing and knowing how to establish null and alternate hypothesis is of incredible importance to an inquisitive researcher who wants to improve decision quality on the basis of a solid analysis.

Globalisation: Reshaping the Geographical Imagination

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Michel Foucault states that the space in the contemporary era is defined by the relationship between sites. The problem of site, or placement, arises from demography. "How do home, work and other sites relate to each other" Foucault asserts that the anxiety of our era is fundamentally related to space.

Boas and Anthropology

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Many of us are now comfortable elaborating upon the principle that the ethnographic text is as full of rhetorical devices, sweeps of imagination, blindnesses and insights, as an interesting work of, say, prose fiction. This recognition has a number of corollaries, including one that invites us to think about ethnographic texts -- and anthropology as a discipline -- in the terms we have traditionally used in periodizing literary history.

Business Research Methods Essay

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Business Research Methods are those methods and tools that are used by business executives to predict and comprehend the situation and future outcomes related to a certain decision or judgment. These methods are usually accepted throughout the world and help in making reasonable predictions about the future that a certain decision might lead to or the consequences of a definite assessment.

Calcium as Second Messengers

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Binding of a ligand to a single receptor at the cell surface may end up causing massive changes in the biochemical activities within the cell (Kimball, 2006). There are three types of second messengers: cyclic nucleotides like cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate); IP3 ( inositol triphosphate) and DAG ( diacylglycerol); and Calcium ions.

More stewardship is needed

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Let's look at the word "stewardship," defined by the Miriam-Webster dictionary as meaning, "the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care." Stewardship covers a broad spectrum of the core necessities of sustainability.


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Using this model, we aim to understand the extent of change in the GI tract microbial count of streptozotocin injected diabetic rats compared to in normal rats based on a comparative assay of their glucose content, lactate content and the ratio of the GI tract to the body weights.

Enzyme Activity

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The study of the activities of enzymes that help in existence of pathogens can help in developing the drugs, which decrease that activity and thus play an active role in preventing the pathogenical activities. The enzyme activities that play a major role in conversion of muscle from one form to other can be used in developing methods to restore muscle activity as the age increases in human beings and even in animals.


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The value chain identifies nine strategically relevant activities that create value and cost in a specific business. These nine value-creating activities consist of five primary activities and four support activities. In the value chain analysis the primary activities tells you about the sequence bringing materials into the business.


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Enzymes are proliferated out of the sequencing of the amino acids accordingly. Each type of enzyme has a different type arrangement, and therefore, each possess a specific function. In this dissertation, we will examine and discuss the function of enzymes and its proliferation.

Keystone Species

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For instance, large cats act as keystone predators in Neotropical forests. They limit the number of medium-sized terrestrial mammals, which in turn control forest regeneration. On Barro Colorado Island, Panama, jaguars (Felis onca), pumas (Felis concolor), and ocelots (Felis pardalis) have been removed.

Carbon Dioxide Emission

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A general linear regression model was postulated and evaluated. Carbon dioxide emissions are those stemming from the burning of fossil fuels and the manufacture of cement. They include carbon dioxide produced during consumption of solid, liquid, and gas fuels and gas flaring.

Research Critique Research Paper

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In this paper, we describe the findings of the pilot study, which explored quality of life (QoL) issues in a group of older people with pressure ulcers, and discuss the implications for nursing clinical practice. The implications to the practice of nursing includes further understanding about the impact of pressure ulcers on the lives of older people, revelation about the pain suffered by older people with pressure ulcers and how the use of pressure relieving devices may increase their pain and awareness of the coping mechanisms developed by older patients with pressure ulcers.

Molecular and Genomic Analysis of Bacterial Pathogenicity

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The essential process on which genetic analysis is based is recombination. Consider the analogy with microscopy, which is based instead on diffraction. The resolving power attained in microscopy depends on the quality of the microscope and on other technical details, but we know that it has a theoretical limit set by the wavelength of the light used.

Molecular Identity

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These are all sodium/potassium-coupled chloride cotransporters described succinctly below. They can be functionally classified broadly into four groups according to the cation coupling to the chloride ion, the stoichiometry of the transport process and the relative sensitivities to inhibitors.

Enviromental Change

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Thus low emission hybrid cars are being developed to help solve the problem at hand. Growing up I heard the phrase "cry wolf" in folk tales, a cry that is not so ridiculous when talking about global warming. Global warming is a major threat not only to the environment but also to life in general, but there are many sceptics who do not believe the facts simply because they cannot see its harmful effects yet.
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