Science and Politics

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Science has gone hand and hand with politics and public policy since after the colonization period. History dictates how the advancements in science had a direct bearing on how political stand points come into being. They still have a tremendous impact on political decisions although those in public seats would like to think that it is the political policies that guide the scientific studies.


Another example as to how science works within the political structure is in regards to chemical warfare. It is well known that despite the various differences between the political view on this and the scientific one, politics have been mediating the science of chemical warfare throughout history (Tuite 2005). When history recalls the Persian Gulf War and the syndrome the soldiers experienced following it, from a political view, the government attempted to deny its existence, claiming there never were chemicals involved at first. This was due to the fact that when scientific explanations were wholly considered, they proved to be extremely costly and the government did not want that. However, it was a fact there was undeniable scientific proof of its existence. In this regard, science and politics clashed. Science had a concern for the emerging illness while those in governmental positions were too concerned with the costs arising from the problem and wanted to be done with it.
What Science pushes for is government funding so that it can research unusual illnesses and then make political figures aware. Without science there is no way of avoiding mass epidemics of illness, such as in the concern of the bird flu right now. ...
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