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Impact Of Music File Sharing On The Production Of New Music

The modern trend of business provides a great deal of importance to capitalize over cultural aspects that are integrally associated with social upbringing of an individual. Music is one such medium that incorporates within its scope diverse aspects of the social existence and acceptance, popularity or support for an artist or for a particular form of music varies according to the extent of using cultural traits and their commercialization in the modern business scenario. Compared to the earlier time, though music and various forms of performing art remained as a source of income or doing business since time immemorial, it never took form of an organized business industry as that of the recent situation. The post Industrial Revolution era witnessed a general trend provided a spontaneous impetus to the humankind to find all possible means to accumulate financial capital and encourage capitalism. Such capitalist aggression also blocked the natural right of common people to enjoy and consume the products of their respective cultures and it also suggested that if such rights are to be obtained, an individual is required to pay certain amount of price. Interestingly, the process of such prohibition also received legal acknowledgment in terms of protecting rights of an artist and encouraging the production of cultural artifacts: “Cultural production, like other areas of production, underwent a transformation as the Industrial Revolution gathered steam. It became possible to mass-produce cultural artifacts” (Giese, 2004, p. 348). ...
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This paper is going to consider the issue of file sharing in today's digital music industry. This certain benefit is being applied as inalienable component of the constantly growing and speeding up industry standards…
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