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Two Important Virtues

However, he recommended that a virtuous trait is the one that is between deficiency and the excess of that trait. Braveness as a virtue will make an individual pursue all his or her dreams no matter the evident obstacles on the way (Macaro & NetLibrary, 2006).
Industriousness is another virtue that Aristotle highlighted as important for the success of an individual. It entails working tirelessly so as to improve an individual’s life. If this virtue is put into practice, an individual’s life is liable to flourish or succeed remarkably (OToole, 2005).
These two virtues are essential because they will keep the individuals in the right truck that is likely to lead his or her to success. Braveness will enable an individual to keep going no matter how hard the journey may be while industriousness will help people to keep working until he, or she meets his targets. Cowardliness and slothfulness are the contrast of these virtues. Any individual who would choose to pursue them will end up staying a life without trying anything, and hence he or she will never achieve anything and hence cannot flourish or succeed at all (Hibbs, 2001).
Similarly, the excess of these virtues is disadvantageous. Rashness may make an individual find him or herself in the nasty ending when he or she will have overindulged, and he can easily lose everything. While over industriousness may make an individual to overindulge an aspect that may make a person face adverse effects in such aspects like health. This complies with Aristotle’s recommendation that the virtuous trait should be between deficiencies and excess (OToole, ...
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Virtues are also referred to as good habits. According to Aristotle, people obtain virtues through practice. He also indicated that a set of virtues can lead an individual towards his or her…
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