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Social science
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Increased rate of jobs generation lowers the unemployment t menace that faced America. America’s external debts were on a shrinking row, an indication of economic growth…

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American economic growth is, hence, evident due to the rise in per capita income and increased pool for taxation.
Obama applauded American troop’s mission in Iraq and Afghanistan for great success. The troops were returning home to serve and help boost Homeland security. The president remarked the growing economy, reducing debts and the nation’s success to a rise from the collapse. He challenged the citizens to commit and support the State in generating more income and creating more employment opportunities. The president explained following as the necessities of a middle-class economy. First, the economy needs to help working families to feel more secure in a transforming world in terms of healthcare provision and general welfare (The White House 1). Secondly, the economy should strive to ensure the citizens maintain earning higher wages through affordable and free education systems. Finally, the economy should generate high-wage jobs that solve the unemployment issues. The state of union, according president Obama’s speech on January 20, is strong.
The White House (Office of the Press Secretary). Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address January 20, 2015.web. January 27, 2015. < ...
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