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Social Change - Essay Example

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Drugs have been one of the major problems of the society for decades and many countries have passed legislation banning the illegal use and trade of drugs and amended laws in the area. Every now and then news roll on the television illegal drug possession from the youngsters and being sent to rehab centre…

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Social Change

Therefore certain sections find it useful to legalize the use of drug to some extent so that policies could be reformulated with regard to minimizing the violence and crime.1 Hyde and Setaro (2003:75) mentioned that people from all over the world use drugs often leading to violence and crime far beyond users. Drug trafficking is a big business and fighting over drugs has led to numerous crimes in the United States, political factions fighting over drug cultivation and trafficking including many turf wars which include the use of guns leading to death of people.2 Hanson et al (2005:110) stated that the persistence of drug abuse problem and high cost in dollars and frustration of waging the 'War on drugs' have energized the ongoing debate on legalizing the use of drugs. The debate is further supported by various arguments from individuals and groups stating that violence and crime would become less frequent if the drugs were legalized.3 Inciardi (1999:55) mentioned the argument of antilegalization camps that violent crime would not necessarily decline in a legalized drug market and might actually increase for three reasons i.e. ...
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