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Writing for the Web

Additionally, logging in to websites requires a connection to the ISP (Internet Service Providers) which does not come for free. So people read web pages as fast as they could to absorb the contents of the web pages. Studies showed that web users spend one-minute per page-even less if the web site copy isn't written to convey information quickly and clearly. 79 percent of web users don't read rather they skim the pages. No matter how compelling the message is the typical web user will not read word-for-word what you've written (Association).
Writing for the web is entirely different from writing for a magazine. In print, the document forms a whole and the user is focused on the entire set of information. On the web, the document had to be split into multiple hyperlinked pages since users are not willing to read long pages. Users can enter a site at any page and move between pages as they chose, so page are independent and explain its topic without assumptions about the previous page seen by the user.
The word count for the online version of a given topic is about half the word count used when writing for print. The word count under is limited only to 500 to 1000 words. Words are carefully chosen so as not to write unnecessary things. It is generally painful to read too much text on screens, and users read about 25 percent more slowly from screens than from paper. ...
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Writing for the web is different from writing for a magazine. People read magazine because they bought it, when they bought it, they trust it overtime. Unlike the internet pages where there are millions of internet websites to choose from, the reader tend to be critical when reading the pages…
Author : ymueller

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