Balancing the Time

High school
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When a student, one must plan one's work carefully. While it is necessary to meet expenses, it is also necessary to have the time to study, take care of errands, rest, and have somewhat of a social life.
I am happy that I planned well; knowing I was going to be a full-time student with little available financial help from my family, I decided to look for a job that would enable me to study while at work.


My employer knows that I am a full-time student and gave me permission to study when no duties called.
During my work time I study and do homework, prepare for exams, and pay bills. I know this sounds like I'm getting paid for doing personal things, but really, most of my work time is engaged checking registries, assisting in scheduling for the day, routing calls and attending to guests who arrive or leave during my shift. My time to study is in fits and starts.
When I leave work at 7:00, I have to be in school at 9:30. Since the school is an hour from my house, I stop at home at 7:30 to check for any phone messages, put on a load of laundry, or simply unwind and put my thoughts toward school. During my hour at home I eat my dinner or grab a bit on the way to school.
School hours are 9:30 - 12:20. When school is finished, I like to hang out with my friends a bit before heading home. This is really my only time for a social life except on my days off, which are Mondays and Tuesdays.
After school I like to go to a coffee house to look over the day's notes, organize my papers, scan through the texts for what needs to be studied and end my day. No coffee at this time of the day, though!
I usually go to bed at about 2:30 p.m., which doesn't really leave me with a full eight hours' sleep. ...
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