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I have very much enjoyed my participation in English 101A and have gained the much-needed knowledge required to continue my English education. My skills with the English language now allow me to describe an experience with clarity and insight. I have the ability to portray a scene with subtle description as well as vibrant imagery…

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It will require expanding my vocabulary and developing an understanding of when to use a correct adjective or the appropriate adverb. Beyond the creative aspects of merely using the language, I also need to learn the technique of proper grammar and punctuation. I believe I can accomplish these goals as I progress into my next English class. I am confident that I have the necessary basics to become a good writer. I also have a desire to succeed, which is probably the greatest contributing factor to becoming a good writer. I am willing to devote the hard work and patience required developing my talent and expanding my understanding of what good writing is composed of.
When I began this class it would be a struggle for me to put my thoughts into words. I could imagine what I wanted to say, but writing the words would sometimes result in an awkward sentence that was grammatically incorrect. My overall composition lacked the needed planning and organization required to write an outstanding essay. My paragraph transition would suffer from a lack of the skill needed to make the connection from one paragraph to the next. I was coping with the language as well as the art of writing. As my skills slowly improved, the quality of my essays became more apparent. ...
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