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Sociological Imagination

Mrs. Niederer's clamor for justice for his son's death and her quest to "bring home the troops" emphasizes how individuals often perceive things psychologically instead of sociologically. The article points out that she wants to confront Mrs. Bush because she believes that being also a mother, she can understand her concern and her laborious efforts are focused on fulfilling the last wish of her son who died in the war which just shows that she sees her situation as a personal issue rather than a public trouble. It should be noted that her reasons are all personal in nature disregarding the fact that since the whole United States is in war with Iraq, most of the mothers and sons are confronted with the same situation.
The article also signals the attempts of Mrs. Niederer of freeing herself from the clutches of "self-limitation." However, this seems in vain as she still perceives that the problem is still in her immediate surrounding disabling her to change her larger environment. It should be noted that her focus is mainly on how she can send the troops back but she fail to recognize the larger issues of war and global terrorism which causes her personal troubles.
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During 1959, CW Mills wrote that "people often feel that their private lives are a series of traps." Accordingly, the specific reason why people feel trapped is their limited perception of what is happening in their personal lives. Mills argued that "their visions and their powers are limited to the close-up scenes of job, family [and] neighbourhood," and are not able to fully understand the greater sociological patterns related to their private troubles…
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