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Paranormal activities

Sightings of ghosts at the palace have long been reported, but this was the first time a surveillance system recorded an apparition in motion. Interestingly, in March 2001, a professional psychologist/paranormal investigator declared the many reports of ghosts at the palace nothing more than imagination and draughts of air giving visitors and staff the feeling of being in the presence of a ghost (BBC News, 29 March 2001).
sances and mediumship rose to popularity, fueling the belief in the paranormal. Many of these early methods of 'communicating with the dead' have now been debunked as mere slight of hand and excellent persuasion on the part of the medium, coupled with the desperation of family members eager to reach their departed loved ones.
'Spiritualism,' as it is called, is said to have been invented in the 19th century by two sisters, Catharine and Margaret Fox, who used the table-tapping method of divination in the United States (Irene Stuber, 2000). So convincing were the sisters' talents that the New York Tribune's owner Horace Greeley gave them his endorsement. ...
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Since time immemorial, people have witnessed phenomena for which there is no explanation. In ancient times, superstition ran rampant regarding marsh lights, fairy rings, eclipses and other natural occurrences before the advent of scientific inquiry.
The 2003 image of a ghostly man dressed in period clothing at Hampton Court Palace captured worldwide attention when the BBC announced the presence of an apparition from one of the palace's security cameras (BBC News, 20 December 2003)…
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